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Conservatism on LiveJournal

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Conservative Forum
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Conservatism!

The Basics:
In short, if you want to participate in here, you have to follow the Eight "Do Not's" (think Biblical):

1. Do not post off topic. Anything not related to conservatism in some way is off topic.
2. Do not flame posters in the comment section or participate in ad hominem attacks.
3. Do not just post a link or news article. Expand and add your thoughts.
4. Do not disable, screen, freeze or delete any comments. You are allowed to delete your comments or posts only.
5. Do not post any images or text that is large in size (pictures over 100kb, text over one page break or long links) or explicit graphics and text without an LJ cut.
6. Do not post concerning other members. Please take it to e-mail or personal journals.
7. Do not post with multiple accounts. Pick one account and post here.

Following this set of rules and reporting any issues with members to the mods regarding these rules is the easiest way to have a long and healthy lifespan in this community. Not following it will result in warnings, suspensions and bannings at the moderators discretion.
General Info:
This is an open forum for respectful discussion and debate of conservative politics. Anyone is free to participate, but postings to the main page are screened to ensure that they are appropriate. The topic of this community is "conservatism". That means that as a general guideline, you should limit postings to things you believe would be of interest to conservatives. Appropriate postings include, but are not limited to the following:

- News of a political nature
- Personal opinions and rants
- Links to political articles
- Conservative humor
- Polls of members
- Honest inquiry as to the opinions of members

As is stated above, honest inquiry of the members is permitted. Obnoxious questioning is not. For example, "How do you feel about [blank]?" is acceptable, while "Why do conservatives want to burn down the rainforests and kill the whales?" is not. Many questions have been covered in-depth before, so I ask that new members search the community before posing them.

You can search the community using Google:

With all of that said, this is an open community and it's going to stay that way. Anyone of any political affiliation is free to comment on entries and interact with members. If you prefer a community limited to conservatives, republicans, wehateliberals, and gwb_daily are three good places to start.
Member Conduct:
Intelligent, rational, supportable debate is strongly encouraged. The only thing that's required though is that members try to be respectful of each other. Sometimes that's difficult to do perfectly, and that's alright, but deliberate and distinct disrespect will not be tolerated. A single disrespectful statement in an otherwise serious comment is undesirable but understandable. A comment, the bulk of which is disrespectful on the other hand, constitutes a deliberate and distinct action, and is not allowed. Please report violations of this policy to a maintainer, any of whom can deal with the issue. ( l555l is the senior maintainer for the community.)

It's important to note that the purpose of this community is discussion and debate, not the online equivalent of a shouting match. You should be prepared to defend your own views, not just to question others. If someone asks you an honest question, it's good form to answer it. Changing the subject to avoid ever admitting you're wrong is not. We're all human and we all make mistakes, and accepting them when they happen will usually earn you a lot of respect. Arguing just for the sake of arguing will not.
There is a very simple standard for what constitutes trolling here, and what does not. If you've come here to participate in the community, you are welcome, regardless of your political opinions. If you've come here to disrupt the community or detract from it, you are not welcome here. Liberals are not trolls, though some trolls are liberal. Banning is done at the discretion of the maintainers and there will be times where certain conduct cannot be predicted that might have to be acted on outside of these rules of conduct. Your understanding and patience in these matters are appreciated.

If you have multiple accounts, please use one to post here on conservatism. In a rather annonymous forum, the only way to keep accountability in discussion is not to switch between two users. If you are using a troll journal to actively circumvent a ban, it is against LiveJournal's ToS to do this and measures will be taken when needed. If you are an empty journal with just communities on your friends list and no bio, we reserve the right to ban you at our discretion.
Reporting Problems:
Please report any problems to the maintainers. If there seems to be a problem with an individual user on your post and you feel that they are operating outside of the rules posted here, please freeze comments, e-mail us, and describe the problem. Likewise, if you feel your comments are being frozen for any specific purpose other than the legitimate purpose stated above. If there is no e-mail, we will make the judgement based on what we see. Please do not use this tool for anything else. Email us at mailconservatism@gmail.com

Any other issues (banning, question about the community, etc...), please e-mail us or make contact through AOL Instant Messenger with Noel and l555l, respectively).
Common Courtesy:
Out of respect for the members of this community, we ask the following rules be adhered to when you post to the main page:

- Large pictures, both in dimension as well as disk-space, should be put behind a cut-tag.
- Postings longer than about a screen-full should be put behind a cut-tag.
- Long links should be hidden behind text (<a href="link">text</a>).
- Links should always include some sort of description of the content being linked to.
- Postings should be readable. Proof-reading and spell-checking is encouraged.
- Some profanity is acceptable, but please don't use it gratuitously.

Honorable Mention:

belt0033 for being conservatism's previous maintainer and designing the community's old icon
varyar for being conservatism's previous maintainer and designing the community's old icon
the_lance for being the maintainer during the tough election cycle, and also during most of 2005.
hauntmeister for creating the community's current icon
Donated Paid Time:

Much thanks to all of these people for their important contributions to this community.

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