The obstinate liberal (obstinate_lib) wrote in conservatism,
The obstinate liberal

A novel conception of the notion of 'supporting the troops'

I'm curious what McCain supporters think about John McCain's opposition to the new G.I. bill on the grounds that it may make getting out of the military too appealing to too many of our troops. It's quite a curious thing to any casual observer who has been told by McCain and his fellow Republicans that the troops want to stay in and finish the job in Iraq and Afghanistan; it doesn't square with the idea that you'd have to make civilian life seem less appealing in order to incentivize them to stay in.

Since John McCain was tortured in Vietnam and thus has automatic life-long credibility on "supporting the troops" and issues of national security and all (whether his behavior bares that out or not), I'm sure this won't hurt him. But Hillary or Obama both support the new G.I. bill. How is McCain going to justify his position on this during the debates in the general election, without having to publicly make the unpalatable argument that legislation should be geared toward withholding veterans benefits to force the troops to stay in?

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