radagast14 (radagast14) wrote in conservatism,

Homosexual Agenda Loses One!


There’s always some close-minded liberal that wonders if my posts are sarcastic or “for real”. So let me say first – no, I’m not being sarcastic and yes, this post is for real. Just so everyone knows where I’m coming from – I think that social conservatism is more important than fiscal conservatism and I think that the myth of separation of church and state should be done away with immediately and replaced by the open support and legislation of Christian values in government.

Now, concerning my link: A ban that would have added homosexuality to the list of things that can’t be discriminated against in the work place has been shot down by the good old Nebraska Unicameral. So there, homosexuals! The resistance to your way of life has won a victory today! The state of Nebraska has illustrated once again that they’re a light of reason and rationality in the sea of immorality. Nebraska has sent a message – not everyone has been suckered in by homosexual talking-points. There’s no place for homosexuality here! If the homosexual agenda feels even a little misery because of this news then I openly rejoice at the thought!
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