Matthew Behnke (tallymatt) wrote in conservatism,
Matthew Behnke

Wow, a Liberal Democrat that Tells it like it is!

Wow, I am truly impressed by this article I came across by a woman named Camille Paglia, who is obviously a Liberal Democrat and self-proclaimed Atheist.She's not a far Left personality though. Much of what she wrote when she opined on many issues I agree with. There are some parts I disagree with but most of what she said I see as telling it like it is. I wish we had more people like this. She cuts through all the partisan bullcrap.

I encourage everyone to read, Both Liberal and Conservative. I think on most issues she really nailed it. She even opines about what she thinks about religion as an Atheist. I thought she gave good answer on the issue of religion.

There are about 5 pages to read, the label at the bottom that says Pages 1 2 3 4 5, so click on each number after you are finished. Be sure you read it all. It really was a great read.

A Liberal Atheist Democrat that tells it like it is! (Click Here!)

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