Relayor (scherado) wrote in conservatism,

Entrapment Following Phobia?: Those Who Are Part Of The Problem.

Is the use--or misuse--of the legal term 'entrapment' following a similar course as the psychiatric term 'phobia'?

In the world that I have known, Judges adjudicate accusations of entrapment and Psychiatrists diagnose cases of phobia; though the "court of public opinion" concludes perpetually on all things, big and small.

Part Of The Problem

This is not the first time that I've written the following about such misuse of language:

Anyone who misuses such important words AND DOES NOT QUALIFY THE MISUSE is part of the problem! This includes anyone who believes, for example, that 'islamophobia' is one such misused word, but uses it, nonetheless, and without stating that it is misused and the nature of the error;

does not object strenuously when he or she is a witness of the misuse.

My reason is that there will never be a reversal and correction of the error while civil society is permitted to carry on in implicit agreement of the terms.

Does anyone understand what I mean?

For example: If I were invited to participate on a discussion panel about "Islamophobia", then I would accept, but I would not permit the discussion to acknowledge implicitly that the word is valid; requiring that the discussion be stalled on the definition of 'Islamophobia'.

Upon concluding that I had everyone's attention, I would state simply that anyone who permits use of the word is part of the problem--INCLUDING THE "PROBLEM" THAT IS BEING DISCUSSED, WHATEVER IT MAY BE CALLED!!

Entrapment Of Misuser Of 'Phobia'

To where does a discussion go when one refuses to misuse 'phobia'? I can only predict.

Indignation and any other emotions aside: Those in support of the misuse may argue that, indeed, the phenomenon that is being discussed is NOT a rational fear.

To this I would respond that the phobia in question does not appear in the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and that I am now ready to discuss what new term that may be adopted in replacement of the erroneous 'islamophobia'; that I will entertain a discussion of the word 'irrational', if you wish, and 'fear', again, if you wish--both individually.

For example, if you wish to discuss the rationality of the enhanced fear of violent death in the years following September 11, 2001 of American citizens living within fifty miles of New York City, then I am willing.

For what it's worth, a legal definition of entrapment.
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