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Rethinking Black Nationalism

Hi. I spent a month on a free trial of Ricochet. Liked it, but not budgeting for it at this time. Nice to see that the community couldn't live on without me.

On to my topic, black nationalism. The 1960s had two major black liberation movements, the pacifist integrationist one of Dr MLK Jr, and the militant black nationalist one founded by Malcolm X. Mainstream whites of course embraced Dr King, and for decades, his ideas were clearly winning.

It seems natural. Integration fits in with E Pluribus Unum, correct? And yet, tribal nations live on pretty well today. I can tell you that it's nifty to have lots of Choctaw things. I don't see how having any of it endangers "white society", if such a thing exists, or really the melting pot itself. I can tell you with 100% confidence that nobody cares if you're a mixed-race Choctaw. I've witnessed no social problems whatsoever stemming from the recognition of tribal nations, except when the Oklahoma Cherokee kicked the descendents of slaves out of the tribe.

A don't know how the federal government could go about recognizing a black nation. Could "the white man's" election board oversee the election? That itself would be a sticky issue. But I do think a Black Nation could ultimately be good for Black America. It would give some civic ownership to people that normally feel like they own no part of the American experience. I think a lot of angst comes out of that.

Anyway, I'll endorse Michael Steele for tribal chief.
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