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Dennis Miller on Leno

I really enjoyed this video today, and thought you might too - Dennis Miller was great on Leno last night, and got surprisingly good audience response from expressing his essentially conservative viewpoints. I think he could have done a bit better disputing the Republican "war on women"*, and suggesting the Republicans should have canceled their convention is a bit ludicrous, but overall he was awesome.

Sadly, the video won't embed, so here are links:

Part 1
Part 2

*I know someone will ask the question, "HOW do you think he could have done better?" Well, I think the first thing is to dispute Leno's idiotic comment that Akin was speaking for anyone other than himself (Miller did this to an extent, calling Akin an idiot earlier in the segment), and the second is to point out that "conservative" doesn't equal "bigot."
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