typewriterking (typewriterking) wrote in conservatism,

A Neal Boortz Retirement Thread

It has been news for a few months that Georgia's Neal Boortz will be retiring from his syndicated radio program, and has chosen Herman Cain as his successor. The decision seemed odd to some, considering that the politics of Boortz and Cain aren't a perfect match. Boortz is widely known for being very libertarian on issues not involving foreign policy, while Cain's social conservatism lead him to a show on American Family Radio just a few years ago. I would have thought it obvious that advocacy is not the primary concern when hosting an infotainment program like a talk radio show. The first responsibility is entertaining by riffing on current events.

Still, it appears to this outsider that Boortz had a say in selecting his successor, and I'm a little interested if anyone thinks it something of a betrayal to listeners if a hosts selects a successor with very different views.
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