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The Mystery of Ken Hamblin

Once upon a time there was a talk radio host from Denver named Ken Hamblin. He was syndicated on 100 stations in the 1990s, and his column was likewise syndicated nationally in a fair number of newspapers. He slowly lost his share of the marketplace, as conservative punditry actually became popular, and in 2003, he mysterious vanished without saying goodbye in any medium.

All anyone ever says in explanation is that Hamblin quit over a dispute with his syndicator. This vague explanation doesn't account for why he would drop his column and website (try archive.org to see remnants), or why he would no longer make public appearances of any sort.

Only one article, published originally in the Denver Post in 2009, gives any additional detail:
  • But earlier this decade, around the time the syndication arrangement fell through, he realized that he'd tired of his combative persona. "I didn't want to sit on Fox News and try to convince people that America was a great country," he says. "And I didn't want to go on CNN and argue with people who didn't want to leave Harlem or Watts because of their own xenophobia. I reached a burnout point." So he retired, and thanks in part to some wise investments (including a couple of Quiznos restaurants he owned and sold), he's pretty well fixed. He and his wife, who live in Frisco with their three dogs, spend much of their time traveling; they've got a trip to Paris and Rome scheduled for September.
He was born in 1940, which makes him going on 71, so he's certainly at a legitimate retirement age, but it's darn queer for a guy to just drop out of the national conversation as abruptly as he did. I assume most people in talk radio enjoy doing it. People from Tammy Bruce to Howard Stern have abandoned terrestrial radio in disgust, but they've gone on in satellite or just on the internet. Perhaps, if we could find him in Colorado, he could be coaxed back in.

There isn't much archived with him in it. This Youtube video of him on the Chris Rock Show (content warning) is the best example I saw. Nice Black Panthers-style beret, by the way. Gives him a cool militant look. :D
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