Colorado Russ (russj) wrote in conservatism,
Colorado Russ

Cellulosic Ethanol SNAFU

    Just the bare facts:
  • EPA mandate for 2011: 6,000,000 gallons
  • Gallons produced so far: 0
  • Government solution: $1.13 fine for each gallon not produced
  • oh ... they're calling it a "cellulosic waiver" -- not a fine -- cost to be passed on to the consumer.

This sounds vaguely familiar -- government DEMANDING that somehow, someone must produce this 'magic' product that we need to survive -- OR ELSE!

The whole thing just makes me feel sick. E10 fuel is bad enough. It gives my car a 10% cut in fuel economy. But these days it's hard to even find a station that sells anything else.
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