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Melvin Udall

The argument against big government and government unions in a nutshell

Is there some part of this story I'm missing?

The air traffic controllers, their union and the Obama Administration appear to have provided us with a fine example of why big government should be avoided, and how government/taxpayer-paid unions are detrimental to the country.

An employee is at work.
They fall asleep.
The result of their having fallen asleep means dozens of lives and multi-million dollar airplanes are at risk. (The average salary, BTW, is more than 100K a year.)

Now, just about every non-Democrat in this country knows what should happen to sleeping employees. There is no mystery to it. Non-Democrat Americans know how to deter other employees from similar behavior. I'll say it just in case it's a mystery for some.


Sleeping, on any job, is not acceptable. Jobs where doing so can mean people die should have no tolerance. I actually have to say this? There should be no reason this should come up. This applies even more so when Obama has us at, what is it now, 20% unemployment, and is working hard to make it 50? The jobs will be filled.

But wait! It's not so simple. You see, these sleeping people are part of the privileged elite, a faction of the new and growing royalty. These employees are union.

So what happens instead?

More regulations! Yippee! More regulations solve everything! Now managers are required to play babysitter to employees who are immune from termination, and the employees are required to rest for nine hours instead of eight. I for one feel much safer, as well as confident that taxpayer money is being well spent.

Here's the interview. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Talks Sleepy Air Traffic Controllers; Sen. Coburn, Rep. Van Hollen on Federal Budget Battle
"LAHOOD: Look, Chris. We have a contractual agreement with the union, which languished for five years previously. When we came in, we reached an agreement with the controllers. And -- look, we have to be partners with the controllers."

No, you do not. They are not partners. They are employees! But the Democrat Party will always treat unions as partners, no matter the cost to the taxpayer, because unions are partners with Democrats. It is their team versus everyone else. Lahood may call himself a Republican. He barely qualifies, and that's when he isn't working for this radical regime. And that is why Democrats, or loyal lackeys, can't be trusted to sit at the bargaining table with unions. There is then no one to represent the employer, the taxpayer.

BP - The company is demonized and they are bullied into billions that goes to a Democrat slush fund. The government agency responsible for monitoring, and that we know is culpable - nothing.
Maddoff - The SEC failed completely because they feared powerful members of the government royalty might be involved. Maddoff goes to jail. SEC, nothing.
This is constant and ongoing. Government and taxpayer paid employees are immune. That immunity begs for inefficiency and corruption.

Sleeping air traffic controllers and the response to it by government serve as an excellent example of why the federal government should be given as little power as possible, why bigger federal government is a terrible solution, why public sector unions are bad for the country, and why the neocom run Democrat Party should absolutely not ever be trusted with responsibility.
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